Although I’m not currently offering my workshops, there’s plenty songwriting information right here on my web site and all of it is based on my classes. Plus I’ll share tips and techniques with you in my blog,

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How to Write a Song

Read this step-by-step guide to writing songs and find out how to start a song with a title and develop a strong lyric, how to find the melody in your lyric, and how hit songs can be used to help you quickly pick up new songwriting techniques.

‣ Songwriting Tips

Here are some easy-to-use songwriting tips that will help you add emotional impact, memorability, and listener appeal to your songs!

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‣ Learn the secrets of today’s hit songwriters…

Stay on the cutting edge by studying today’s most successful songs. Learn the latest techniques and how they’re being used. Each song analysis refers you to “Shortcuts” in my books and includes a “Do It Now” exercise. (You don’t need the books to do the exercises.)

‣ Get into the Film & TV songwriting market

Write for today’s fastest growing songwriting market! Aim your songs at top TV dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, or 90210. For more info on this exciting market, I have a Facebook page dedicated to showing you what it’s ALL about!

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