Come On Get Higher – Matt Nathanson

This hit song by Matt Nathanson has had over a million and a half downloads at iTunes. Nathanson’s songs are regularly featured in TV shows like One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, and NCIS. He writes songs that come from the heart and connect with listeners by being both totally believable and completely entertaining.

Recorded by Matt Nathanson
Writers: Matt Nathanson, Mark Weinberg

Lyrics are available on the internet.
Shortcut # refers to my book “Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting.”

One of the things that attracted me right away to this song is the hip-swaying, easy-going rhythmic groove. There’s a sensual feel to this groove that underscores the intimate physicality of the lyric. If you play guitar, try playing along with this song and learn the strum he’s using. You can hear it clearly at the top of the song. If you play keyboards, look through a library of rhythm loops for one that has a similar feel and try playing the chords along with the loop. This type of groove (based on 16th notes with a laid-back, swinging feel) is very current in both the Pop and Country genres (Shortcut #113). Try writing a song to a groove like this. Once you get comfortable with it, you’ll start to notice how this groove affects the melody you write. More on that in a minute. Continue reading