Fallin’ For You – Colbie Caillat

There are so many influences from Fleetwood Mac’s golden hits of the mid-1970s that it’s impossible to listen to this song without being reminded of those timeless, unforgettable hits. It’s a perfect example of how to take a style that had enormous appeal in an earlier decade and give it a fresh twist that makes it seem new again.

“Fallin’ For You” recorded by Colbie Caillat
Writers: Colbie Caillat & Richard Nowels

Lyrics are available on the internet.
Shortcut # refers to my book “Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting.”

The song structure is the current hit song go-to form…

The pre-chorus begins with “I am trying not to tell you…” The chorus begins on the line “I’ve been spending all my time…” The bridge melody uses plenty of contrast, making it easy to spot. It consists of just two lines, beginning with “Ooh, I just can’t take it…”

Listen to the song and notice where the sections begin and end. Pay special attention to the way each section is “announced” by the melody. It helps keep the song organized and lets listeners know where they are in the song.

In a Colbie Caillat song, the melodies are always catchy, memorable, and contemporary. Studying her melodies is a great way to get a feel for the current Pop/Singer-Songwriter genre.

This melody uses a simple technique that is characteristic of many songs in this style. There’s a lot of repetition in this melody. Continue reading