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Dear Robin,
It’s 9am here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and I’ve spent the past 90 minutes reading and working with your latest newsletter, and I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do that helps me hone my craft.
I bought your books at TAXI Road Rallies a few years back, and over a 2-3 year period read the first one two or three times… but never actually did the exercises. Then, after I had amassed enough critiques that repeatedly told me that my sound across genres was dated, I remembered something you had written about decomposing songs. In January, 2013, I went back to your book for the 4th time, read it cover to cover, and for the next 4 months did nothing but listen, decompose, and ghost-write contemporary pop and country songs, hoping that contemporary beats and phrasing would embed and imprint onto my brain.

I am so delighted with the results! I actually disciplined myself not to try to write during that period ( except for a few gifts that just flew in), and in May when I finally allowed myself to write the songs that came out were very different and I love it.

Avrim “Ave” Topel

“I have both your books. I’ve been writing songs since my USC days with Jack Smalley, Leonard Rosenman and Elmer Bernstein there. Now I’m trying my hand more towards commercial country. Your Shortcut #76 is a gold mine in itself. Just that one tip has helped me so much. I hope you and TAXI will come out with more “SEQUELS” to your two books. IT SEEMS EVERY TIME I WANT TO “HANG UP THE TOWEL” SOMTHING GOOD COMES TO FORE, AND IT IS USUALLY BY READING YOUR BOOKS AND LIFTING MY SPIRIT A LITTLE.”

~Clinton R. Lefort

“I wrote, using the help of your book, 62 songs in 62 days, and I’m now in the process of re-writes for a CD. It used to take me a year to write 40 songs, with only 6 or 7 that I liked. Out of the 62, I have about 30 I’m very proud of!I will keep you updated as to when you may hear the new CD. Thank you, thank you, thank you for unlocking the secrets of songwriting!”
~Dan Holmes /

“I’ve read Robin’s book and have spoken to her in person at the latest Taxi Road Rally. Her energy and enthusiasm for the craft of songwriting shines through every sentence in her book, Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting.

What I found most useful was her use of analyzing current hit songs to learn from. This technique not only works with the chords, melody and lyrics, but also the arrangements of your songs to make them more marketable. Robin is a master at what she does, and this book gives the reader insight into that knowledge.”
~Brian Donovan (Songwriter/Composer)

“I want to say thank you for all the valuable information that you presented in your book. As a result of your tips, I took second place in the Kauai Music Festival this year.”
~M.E. Reich

“I bought your book at this years Road Rally. Actually I bought every book I could get my hands on. But Yours! Oh WOW!!! I am just past half way through it and my writing has changed for the better, forever. Your writing is so clear and to the point that it is amazing to me that someone can get their ideas across that well on paper. Anyhow, I just want to let you know that you have a HIT. Thank You.”
~ David A. Myers, Houston, TX

“I never took so many notes than when Robin spoke! My pen was smokin’!! I did not want to miss a thing she said, so I bought her book, and I love it!!! It is so full of good information, and now it is full of highlighting and dog ears. I have never read a more helpful book for my songwriting career! Thank you Robin!!”
~Shelly LaBash, Scottsdale, AZ

Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting is like a step by step instruction manual. It guides you through the structural craft of songwriting so you can build a masterpiece on a solid foundation.”
~Don Carnevale

“Within the first few pages of Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting I was convinced of two things. Robin is passionate about great songs and equally passionate about teaching others how to write them. Thanks Robin!”
~Paul Secord, Taxi member


“You will find tons of practical advice for tailoring your songs to be used for film and tv placements. If you’re a musician who writes and records your own music from home this book will open your eyes to some great possibilities for you out there! A great find. Many thanks to Robin Frederick.”
~Mike,  Reviewer at

I’ve been noticing songs in commercials and TV shows for a while now and wondering how I could get MY songs considered for those spots. Well, now I know! This book covers everything from writing lyrics and music that will work for many different kinds of scenes and productions to recording inexpensive, good quality tracks to the business of pitching and making deals. As I read this book I realized I’d been watching shows with songs but not REALLY understanding what a song needed to do. Now I know how to study the market and how to write my songs so they will work!”
~Steven Maren,  songwriter

“Everyone at MJO Productions highly recommends this book to anyone trying to write music for Film and TV. Robin Frederick’s knowledge will improve your songwriting skills immensely and give you a blueprint to writing and recording successful hit songs. By far, this is the best educational resource for anyone wanting to write songs for the Film and TV industry!”
~Martin Olander  /

“After taking a two semester Business of Music course at a local University, I still had a lot of questions mostly aimed at “how do I make this happen in the real world?” Robin’s book answers all those questions and more. If you are interested in any aspect of turning your art into a success, this book has the answers.”
~James V. Fiegen

Over her 35 years in the music industry, Robin has written more than 500 songs for television, records, theater, and audio products. She is a former Director of A&R for Rhino Records, Executive Producer of 60 albums, and the author of five books on songwriting, including “Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting” and “Shortcuts to Songwriting for Film & TV.”

Robin’s books are used to teach songwriting at universities and schools at all grade levels. They’re fun to read and filled with practical, real world information. For more information, visit Robin’s Author Page at Amazon.