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Song Tip: “Steal Like a Songwriter” – I’ve been enjoying a wonderful little book called “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon. In the book, Kleon points out that no work of art is truly original; all great artists are referencing those who have come before. As I was reading, every page made me think about my own songwriting process. My next thought was: I really want to share this with someone. And that someone is YOU. Find out what stealing like a songwriter means and how to use to to create fresh, exciting songs of your own.

Study the Hits“Like I’m Gonna Lose You” recorded by Meghan Trainor. Question: How do you follow up a platinum, career-launching single like “All About That Bass”? Answer: With two more relentlessly catchy, upbeat songs that build on a similar radio-friendly, retro-blend sound. Which is exactly what Meghan Trainor did. But after the third single – as much fluffy fun as it was – listeners were bound to wonder if things weren’t starting to sound a little same-y. Time for something new: a ballad/duet with John Legend that slides perfectly into Trainor’s throwback sound while revealing more emotional depth.

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