Hit Songwriting: “All On Me” by Devin Dawson

“All On Me” is the breakthrough debut single for Country artist Devin Dawson. It zoomed up to #2 on the Nielsen Radio charts, topping 19 million views on YouTube and 95 million listens on Spotify (and still climbing).

I love digging into songs that propel a brand new artist up the charts. Those artists don’t have a billion fans breathlessly waiting for their next release, guaranteeing it shoots like a rocket straight into the Top Ten. Nope. Their releases have to make it on the strength of the song and performance. It takes an exceptional song with a lot of appeal to make that happen and that’s what makes these songs so much fun to pull apart.


Writers:  Devin Dawson, Jacob Robert Durrett, Austin Taylor Smith


  • Use a lyric “measuring stick” to express emotion.
  • Fresh rhymes are happening in all mainstream genres.
  • Create a contemporary melody using phrase patterns.
  • Make your hook stand out with a rhythmic melody line.

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Writing Songs of Social Commentary

U2No matter what song genre you’re writing in, at some point you’re likely to find yourself wanting to express your thoughts about your generation, your community, society, or the state of the world in general. Given the unsettled times we’re living in, it’s not surprising that songwriters are turning toward their art to express feelings of solidarity, uncertainty, pride, indignation, or hope for the future. Whatever your thoughts or feelings are about the world, a song is a great way to express them.

What are songs of social commentary?

The words “social commentary” are not, in themselves, either positive or negative. These songs are a means of expressing an opinion, observation, or message, the way you see and feel about things, especially things you feel strongly about. For example, one person might look at a community and see the good that comes from a sense of belonging, while another might see a close-minded group banding together to keep outsiders at a distance. What’s your view? What’s your experience? Your observations may be lauded or they may be unpopular, but it’s still up to you – and no one else – to say what you want to say, to make your opinion heard.

Songs of social commentary are not limited to politics or protest. They can help us define a sense of purpose and place, identify with those who are like us and not like us, chastise and forgive, identify our strengths and our failings, and help us work our way through an ever-changing world.

Most importantly, a song of social commentary seeks to persuade, to convey the songwriter’s observations, beliefs, or experiences in a way that allows the listener to see and understand the world as the songwriter does. In doing so, the hope is that through songs we can understand each other a little better.

This list includes a few of the most popular themes that come up in commentary songs. Each theme can be expressed in individual terms: its effect on one person or on the singer. Or painted with a broader brush: its effect on a whole society or the world. I’m sure you’ll think of more themes, so feel free to add your own, ones that have meaning and energy for you. Continue reading

Contemporary Holiday Hits

Every holiday season, we’re surrounded with recordings of Christmas standards and traditional carols. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a few new songs every now and then? I mean, tradition is fine but we all need a break sometimes. So, how about giving us something fresh this holiday season, something just a little bit different?

Here’s a list of contemporary holiday songs that take a slightly different approach to the season. I chose these songs because each one has something interesting to offer in the way of song craft or an inspired idea. Give them a listen and try some of these ideas yourself. Maybe you’ll write the next holiday hit!

  • It’s that TIME of year

SkatersMost of our holiday standards are in good old familiar 4/4 time. How about breaking with tradition and writing a song with a different groove? There are some (but not many) wonderful holiday songs with a waltz feel – “The Christmas Waltz” is one of a handful that comes to mind. So, let’s write a couple new ones. Time signatures based on 3 beats (3/4, 6/8, 12/8) evoke the swirl of falling snowflakes and skaters twirling on the ice. Perfect for the holiday season!

To hear a contemporary Country take on a holiday waltz, check out Alan Jackson’s “Let It Be Christmas.” The irresistible swing and sway give his sweet lyric an uplifting energy.

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Don’t feel like waltzing on the ice? How about a Christmas shuffle? Or explore more unusual time signatures, like 5/4 or 7/4. How about a Dave Brubeck “Take Five” feel this holiday!

  • New Year, new song …

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