Writing With Images: John Mayer
& Sara Bareilles

Using images in your lyrics  is a quick and powerful way to connect with listeners. Let’s take a look at a couple of strong image-based song lyrics. To find them, we need look no further than today’s successful singer-songwriters. This style relies heavily on the use of images to express personal experiences and emotions.

Writer: John Mayer

Read the lyric here.

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THE TITLE IMAGE: The title of this song is an intensely powerful visual image. Who can resist picturing this couple and the destruction happening around them? Continue reading

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Song Tip: “Using Trigger Words” – Don’t miss this great tip! Listeners are ALWAYS distracted, especially the first few times they hear your song. But there are words that can get your song’s message across effortlessly. No matter how busy or noisy their world might be, listeners will hear the emotion, the character, and the situation at the heart of your song.

Alessia Cara

Study the HitsThree current hits that use Trigger Words and Key Lines. Find out how these hit songwriters use words that capture listeners and bring them back to listen again and again.

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Writing Songs for TV Commercials

More commercials than ever are using songs, many from independent artists and small labels. It’s a lucrative market that offers great exposure if you’ve got what they need. Advertisers look for songs that express the energy and emotion they’d like consumers to associate with their product.

Let’s take a look at three songs that have been featured in national ad campaigns for major brands within the past year. Listen to the songs, watch the ads, read my analysis, and then see if you can write and record something in a similar style. Continue reading